What beauty do hands that transform pain into relief hide?

The Caring Hands project captures the sensitive, delicate and humane relationship between health professionals and their patients. A collection of photos and testimonials from 20 health care professionals through the eyes of someone who excels in exposing the emotion between the lines: renowned international photographer, J.R. Duran. Unveiled in Itapevi, the Caring Hands mural covers 1,900 m² of wall space at the Eurofarma Industrial Complex. A milestone to kick off a national campaign that will encompass several institutional events and tributes throughout the year. Eurofarma is proud and humbled by the voluntary participation of all the health professionals involved in this photo-essay, as well as by all the affectionate, caring and empathetic gestures made every day in offices, clinics and hospitals around the country that go well beyond scientific methods and knowledge. Gestures enacted by hands that encourage, soothe and change the lives of countless patients. Hands trained to be firm that somehow managed to retain the ability to move us with the warmth of a simple touch.

The great mural

The Caring Hands series is also featured on the 1,900 m² wall at the Eurofarma Industrial Complex in Itapevi. Located just off Castello Branco Highway in the interior of São Paulo, the Eurofarma Industrial Complex is one of the most modern in Latin America. In addition to the seven photos on open-air display, other J. R. Duran images from the campaign will be disseminated through materials, exhibits, social networks and in book form.


“One of the most amazing and humbling things was realizing the energy that emanates from these caring hands. I tried to capture that weight through the work. I’d like to thank Eurofarma for inviting me as well as everyone who was involved in this project; exercises like these are really amazing.”

J.R.Duran, Photographer

Caring Hands

Eurofarma is proud and humbled by the voluntary participation of all the health professionals involved in this photo-essay.

Special thanks: Anezio Julião, Ana Carolina Rodeguer Ruiz, Andrea Sette, Antonio Sérgio Petrilli, Ari Franco da Silva, Carla Angelini Silva, Carlos Roberto Montenegro, Edson Charles e Silva Sousa, Gilberto Schapira, Guilherme Raule, José Jair, José Ricardo Brancalion, Katia Caparroz, Katia Harumi Uejima, Marcia Helena Azzi Camargo, Monique Novacek, Sérgio Salvador Gomes, Simone Pavie Simon, Uyanara Freitas Tzirnazoglou, Vinicius Ponzio da Silva.