Eurofarma launches the Laura artificial intelligence platform to answer questions related to the coronavirus disease
Published in: June 16, 2020  and updated in: September 28, 2020
São Paulo, June 2020 – Eurofarma, the Brazilian pharmaceutical multinational that most heavily invests in innovation, has launched Laura, an artificial intelligence platform now available on the company’s website to answer questions and provide guidance on the novel coronavirus disease.

Available in Portuguese, the technology simulates a human conversation (chatbot) and works as a kind of virtual assistant, interacting with users through automated text messages. The platform is free (no download required), available 24/7 and provides a variety of information on COVID-19 symptoms, as well as prevention and social distancing tips, following the parameters established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Brazilian Ministry of Health, in addition to providing guidance on travel and even clarifying fake news, among other questions regarding the disease.

Laura, the artificial intelligence platform, was designed by the startup company carrying the same name, developer of the Laura robot – a software that warns about the risk of generalized infections in patients admitted to hospitals. This robot is one of the projects funded by Eurofarma Synapsis, a program that supports entrepreneurship in Latin America and helps foster health-related innovation initiatives.

The online platform’s chatbot can be found on the bottom right side of Eurofarma’s website, both on computers and smartphones, displaying the following, in Portuguese: “Perguntas sobre o coronavírus?” .


About Eurofarma Group 

As the first multinational pharmaceutical company with 100% Brazilian capital, the Eurofarma Group has been operating in the health industry since its establishment in 1972, producing and marketing innovative products and services to improve people’s quality of life. Focused on generating shared value, it operates in the areas of Prescription, Non-Prescription, and Generic Drugs, Hospital, Oncology and Veterinary. In Brazil alone, it offers 313 products, 649 dosage forms, serves 25 medical specialties and covers 89 therapeutic classes, which represent 81% of prescriptions in the brand market.

The Eurofarma Group has own operations in 20 countries, with an industrial park in Brazil and plants in 6 more Latin American countries. Reported sales totaled BRL 5.6 billion in 2019 and the Group employs over 7,000 employees.