Eurofarma and Laura provide digital emergency care to ten hospitals in Brazil
Published in: June 9, 2020  and updated in: September 28, 2020
São Paulo, June 2020 – Eurofarma, a Brazilian multinational pharmaceutical company that is the leading investor in innovation in the country, is supporting the implementation of the Laura Virtual Emergency Care platform at ten hospitals in Brazil. Launched in March by artificial intelligence startup Laura, the tool's main objective is to optimize time and health resources and direct them towards suspected COVID-19 patients.

The tool allows patients to go through an online screening process based on guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health, and clear up any questions they may have. The emergency rooms can then use virtual screening data to access a digital platform, which allows them to forecast demand for COVID-19 care, i.e., how many patients are on their way over for medical care and testing, and whether there are any severe signs being reported.

“Laura allows for data mining through artificial intelligence that can assess the degree of risk for each patient. With hospitals operating at close to maximum capacity, it’s really important to be able to help respond to this crisis and keep patient care a priority, without forgetting about the internal health of hospitals,” said Helton Carvalho, Head of Entrepreneurship and Digital at Eurofarma.

“This solution will have a major impact in preventing emergency rooms from becoming saturated and turning into an infection hotspot. We now need to help bring some comfort to people and use intelligence to manage the health resources available”, said Cristian Rocha, CEO of Laura.

The initiative is supported by Eurofarma and the Laura Fressatto Institute, a non-profit organization that aims to help save lives in Brazil with the support of artificial intelligence.

The hospitals that are interested in installing the platform should go to


About Eurofarma Group 

As the first multinational pharmaceutical company with 100% Brazilian capital, the Eurofarma Group has been operating in the health industry since its establishment in 1972, producing and marketing innovative products and services to improve people’s quality of life. Focused on generating shared value, it operates in the areas of Prescription, Non-Prescription, and Generic Drugs, Hospital, Oncology and Veterinary. In Brazil alone, it offers 313 products, 649 dosage forms, serves 25 medical specialties and covers 89 therapeutic classes, which represent 81% of prescriptions in the brand market.

The Eurofarma Group has own operations in 20 countries, with an industrial park in Brazil and plants in 6 more Latin American countries. Reported sales totaled BRL 5.6 billion in 2019 and the Group employs over 7,000 employees.



About Laura

Laura is an innovative technology implemented in hospitals for early detection of clinical risks. Created by systems architect Jac Fressatto after his daughter died from sepsis, the device uses artificial intelligence and cognitive technology to manage routine hospital data and issue alerts. Active since 2016, Laura has had approximately 2.5 million patients connected and reduced hospital mortality rates by 25%. In addition to helping to save 12 lives a day, it also optimizes the time and resources devoted to health care.